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Imagine achieving and maintaining your ideal weight while feeling positive about your life and in control of your eating habits….

If you have struggled with losing weight or keeping your weight where you want it to be, you have probably asked yourself –

“Why can’t I find a diet that works for the long term?”

“I like how I feel when I lose weight, so why can’t I simply keep it off?”

“Is there some way that I can overcome my bad eating habits so I can take the weight off and keep it off?”

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Losing weight and keeping the weight off can be a difficult struggle. Maybe you have gained weight because of bad habits, maybe you suffer an eating disorder that you feel you have no control over, or maybe you use food as a way to help you through times of anxiety or stress. Whatever the reason, lose weight hypnosis can help you overcome bad eating habits, move beyond eating disorders, and create positive change that will allow you to deal with stress and anxiety in a healthy way that does not involve eating.


Feeling in control of your eating habits and intuitively making healthy choices

Engaging in healthy activities when you feel sad or mad, instead of reaching for comfort food

Achieving your weight loss goals and being able to easily maintain your weight

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Weight loss hypnosis works to help you take the weight off and keep it off because it deals with the part of your mind that drives you to overeat. You see, your subconscious works like a filing cabinet that is filled with everything you have ever experienced. Your subconscious then uses these files to manipulate how you behave and think today. If the subconscious wants you to overeat, you will. If the subconscious wants you to indulge in chocolate or sweets to help you deal with a situation, you will. It can also influence you to binge eat when you feel stress or angst. This is why diets so often fail. They only deal with conscious decisions on what to eat and when, and do nothing to change your subconscious drive for food. This is why hypnosis is effective; it deals directly with the subconscious.

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How to Lose Weight with Hypnosis in NYC New York and Queens

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Lose weight hypnosis reprograms your subconscious to alter how it views food. In fact, once you have entered hypnosis, your NYC weight loss hypnotist can teach your subconscious to seek comfort in healthy, positive things instead of food. For example, your New York lose weight hypnotist can reprogram your subconscious so that it drives you to take a walk or engage in a creative endeavor when you feel stress or sadness, instead of motivating you to eat. Lose weight hypnotherapy works quickly, safely, and naturally to help you overcome bad eating habits, and to reprogram your subconscious to move beyond its desire for unhealthy food. Weight loss hypnotherapy gives you control over your life and the choices you make, so you are able to achieve your weight loss goals, and maintain the healthy weight that you have been striving for, permanently.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Testimonial

Weight Loss Hypnosis NYC Testimonial

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